Machine Facilities

Including our world-class textile equipment and production facilities, our garments section prides with cutting edge modern cutting, sewing, trimming, finishing and packaging technology as our facility provides a chance for delivering the best quality products. Some of the special types of sewing machinery at P.N. Composite Ltd. are Picot, Fagot, Feed-Off-The Arm, Press Button of Prim, Flat Seaming, Smoking, ZigZag and Elastic Inserting Machines. To conform to an outstanding perfection standard, P.N. Composite Ltd. has exclusive sewing machines from Pegasus, Brother, Kansai Special, and Juki brands along with automatic thread cutting, trimming and other support devices.
We at P.N. Composite Ltd. also pride ourselves in being equipped with a wide range of other machineries beyond just in ensuring excellent production while producing quality products we also use state of the art facilities in treating water discharged from our dyeing unit through our (ETP, WTP and ZLD projects). Along with that, we have incorporated other means of technology to ensure minimizing wastage of fabrics and other natural resources at all costs.

Machine Name Brand Quantity
Lock Stitch (Single Needle) Brother/Juki 348
Over Lock Pegasus 304
Cylinder Interlock Pegasus/Siruba Golden Wheel 111
Flatbed Double Chain Stitch Pegasus 10
Flatbed Interlock Pegasus 34
Interlock M/c Pegasus 30
Elastic Inserting Attaching M/c(PMD) Kansai 2
Button Hole Brother 12
Button Sewing Brother 12
Double Chain stitch Feed-of-the-arm Brother 6
Lock Stitch Bar Tacking Brother 13
Two Needle Lock Stitch Brother 10
Fabric Inspection Oshima 3
Cloth Inspection UZU 1
Cloth Cutting M/c KM 10
Fusing Press M/c Hashima 1
Rib Cutting M/c PL-LU-992 6
Picoating M/c Kansai 3
Shell Stitching M/c Kansai 2
Spot Removing Oshima 5
Steam Iron Oshima 124
Vacuum Iron Table Oshima 124
Needle Detector Cintex/Oshima 3
Bartack Brother 13
Zig Zag Lock Stitch Juki 02
Wave Design Stitch Golden Wheel 06
Cutting Spreader Kawakami 01
Snap Button Attach Prime/Nisho 20
Shuttle Stitch Nisho 01
Band Knife Max 01
Thread Sucker China 03

Specialization Unit

Carton Strapping M/c Oshima 3
Button Pull Test Safq 01
Auto Cad Marker GT.Cad 02
Plotter Loline 01
Digitizer Loline 01
Pattern Cutter Winda 01

Printing Unit

Sports Man USA / M&R 01
Gas-Dryer USA/ M&R 01
Heat Bell Curing M/C Jopitar 01
Manual Printing M/C China Brand 02
Auto Heat Press China Brand 03
Screen Short USA/ M&R 01
Printing Table 03
Glass Table & Dryer Jopitar 1 Set
Diomond Back USA/ M&R 01


Dia-28.Gauge-20,24,28.Feeder-84 Pailung (Taiwan) 02
Dia-30.Gauge-20,24.28Feeder-90 Pailung (Taiwan) 06
Dia-32.Gauge-20.24,28.Feeder-96/120 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-34.Gauge-20.24.28Feeder-102/136 Pailung (Taiwan) 07
Dia-36.Gauge-20.24.28Feeder-108/144 Pailung (Taiwan) 04
Dia-38.Gauge-20.24.Feeder-114/152 Pailung (Taiwan) 03
Dia-40.Gauge-20.24.Feeder-120 Jiunnlong (Taiwan) 01
Dia-42.Gauge-20.24.Feeder-126 Jiunnlong (Taiwan) 01


Dia-34.Gauge-28.Feeder-68 Fukhara (Japan) 03
Dia-24.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-48 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-26.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-52 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-30.Gauge-18,22.Feeder-60 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-34.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-68 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-38.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-76 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-40.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-80 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-42.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-84 Pailung (Taiwan) 01
Dia-44.Gauge-18,24.Feeder-88 Jiunnlong (Taiwan) 01


Gauge-52 Feeder-6 JY-LEH (Taiwan) 05
Gauge-68.Feeder-6 JY-LEH (Taiwan) 05


SDL. Atlas Washcator Model-Fom71cls (Sweden) 01
SDL.Atlas Rotawash M 228 (England) 01
MIELE Germany 02
Elba. Tumble Dry EB762SWS (Italia) 01
Siening Tunble Dry WT465514 (Italia) 01
SDL.Atlas Incubetor 513952 (UK) 01
SDL.Atlas ICI Pilling 227A1 (UK) 01
SDL.atlas Crock Meter M238AA (UK) 01
Taking.Sewing M/G 747 (China) 01
SDL.Atlas Drey Scale G-246A (London) 01
Hanna Digital Ph MTR H1 2211 (Europe) 01
Samsung WF8692NEL 01
Elba EB763TWH ( ENgland) 01
Hygro Metr 01
Ohaus Balanc 1225431189 (USA) 01
Verivide Lightbox CAC-60-5 (England) 01
Lux Meter No 10069967 01
Tacho Meter PH-200L Shimpo 01


Lab Dyeing Machine Ahiba Nuance (UK) 01
Lab Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 01


Sample Dyeing Machine 60kg Fongs (China) 02
Sample Dyeing Machine 30kg Fongs (China) 02
Sample Dyeing Machine 120kg Fongs (China) 01


Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 01
Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 02
Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 02
Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 01
Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 01
Bulk Dyeing Machine Fongs (China) 01


SLITTING M/C Bianco (Italy) 01
STENTER M/C Bruckner (Germany) 01
OPEN COMPACTING M/C Bianco (Italy) 01
BAG SEWING M/C Bianco (Italy) 01
SQUEEZER Bianco (Italy) 01
SOFT SETTING M/C Dong Nam (Koria) 01
HYDRE EXTRACTOR Fongs (China) 01
TURNING Heshan Perfect (China) 02
DRYER M/C Fongs (China) 01