Including our world-class textile equipment and production facilities, our garments section prides with cutting edge modern cutting, sewing, trimming, finishing and packaging technology as our facility provides a chance for delivering the best quality products. Some of the special types of sewing machinery at P.N. Composite Ltd. are Picot, Fagot, Feed-Off-The Arm, Press Button of Prim, Flat Seaming, Smoking, ZigZag and Elastic Inserting Machines. To conform to an outstanding perfection standard, P.N. Composite Ltd. has exclusive sewing machines from Pegasus, Brother, Kansai Special, and Juki brands along with automatic thread cutting, trimming and other support devices.
We at P.N. Composite Ltd. also pride ourselves in being equipped with a wide range of other machineries beyond just in ensuring excellent production while producing quality products we also use state of the art facilities in treating water discharged from our dyeing unit through our (ETP, WTP and ZLD projects). Along with that, we have incorporated other means of technology to ensure minimizing wastage of fabrics and other natural resources at all costs.

Total Number of Machine:  1400