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“Customer Satisfaction with Commitment & Trend.”

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“Delivery on time with Quality.”

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Skills & Process

Team Building






P: The best quality Product

E: Future best working Environment

T: Working as Team, together to achieve goal



“We are initiating GREEN practices in our project”. Some of the initiatives include:

 Sustainable Sites:

  1. Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  2. Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  3. Vegetated Open Space
  4. Storm Water (Quantity & Quality Control)
  5. Heat Island Effect (Building & Parking Roof)
  6. Light Pollution Reduction
  7. Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms

   Water Efficiency:

  1. Water Use Reduction
  2. Water Reuse (Landscaping & Flushing)


Energy & Atmosphere:

  1. On Site Renewable Energy
  2. Enhanced Refrigerant Management
  3. Purchase of Green Power

 Materials & Resources:

  1. Building Reuse (Existing Walls, Floors, Roof & 50% of Interior Non Structural Elements)
  2. Construction Waste Management
  3. Recycled Content
  4. Regional Materials
  5. Certified Wood

  Indoor Environmental Quality:

  1. Increased Ventilation
  2. Low-Emitting Materials (Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Coating, Flooring, Composite Wood & Agri Fiber Products)
  3. Controllability Systems (Lighting & Thermal Control)
  4. Daylight & Views

Innovation & Design:

The flowing ideas are expected to achieve exemplary performance in Innovation & Design:

1.Innovative Waste Management System

a) Water Use Reduction

b) Water Technologies-Water Treatment System

c) Constructive Waste Management

d) Waste to Fabric

e) Sludge to Fertilizer

2. Heat Island Effect-Parking Roof

3. Green Education Program

4. Renewable Energy – Solar Panel Implementation

5. Drip Irrigation Systems to Landscape Area

6. Individual Task Light to Office Area & Production Machines

7. Plastic Waste to Polyester

Community Connectivity:

Proximity of residential zone and basic amenities is determined by us:

  1. Bank
  2. Place of Worship
  3. Convenience Grocery
  4. Beauty Salon
  5. Hardware
  6. Laundry
  7. Library
  8. Restaurant
  9. School
  10. Supermarket
  11. Fitness Center
  12. Senior Care Facility

Roof Garden:

We have provided 60% of roof garden for the factory building with potted plants, which in turn decreases the heat island effect and also increases the cooling effect the building. The potted plants bed in with native species.

 Landscaping with Native Species:

In addition to roof garden, we have provided landscape area equal building footprint with native species such as Jackfruit, Mango, Sapota, Ficus, Neem Moringa, Jasmine, Kamini, Hibiscus etc. More than two types of turf have been installed & embedded with Bermuda Grass & Lemon Grass.

Green Posters:

For effective use of electricity, water and waste management within the project building, we have installed “Green Posters” to educate and bring awareness among the staffs working in the building and all the occupants can easily view and read.

Water Use Reduction:

Water efficient fixtures (flow and flush fixtures) will be used to reduce the water consumption. Moreover,45% of the water consumption  will be reduced and daily water use by the employees in the wash basin will be re-used for gardening and that initiatives will save about 250 liters of water/day.

Filtration Unit:

Strom water from rooftop shall be collected and diverted to rain water harvesting sump through storm water pipes and manhole system. Filtration unit will be provided before rain water harvesting sump. The suspended matter will be collected in filtration unit, which will be cleaned periodically as needed. The 350,000 Sq. Ft roof top rain water harvesting system will be used for fabric dyeing, washing and other purposes, approximately 35 million liters  of underground water will save every year.

On Site Renewable Energy:

We have planned to install “Solar Photovoltaic Panels” of capacity 10KW.

Fresh Air Supply System:

In line Ventilation Fans/Wall Mounted Propeller Fans has been provided in non-air conditioned spaces. In addition, intended to provide minimum of 40% additional fresh air over ASHRAE 62.1. standard by Energy Recovery Ventilator unit (ERV), fresh air fan for all “Occupied Air Conditioned Spaces”, exhaust rates over 40% from ASHRAE exhaust standard for non-occupied spaces.


“To turn our current and future projects into inspiring places that all employees will ignite

the passion, purpose and full potential of everyone inside them.”

PRS Textile


This remarkable manufacturing unit is located in Narayanganj, 30 kilometers from Dhaka city center.


Area : 50,000 Sq. Ft

Investment : 30 Million USD

Status : Completed


PNCL is an echo friendly venture & this remarkable manufacturing unit is located in Konabari, Gazipur, 30 kilometers from Dhaka city center. PNCL integrating a holistic approach towards Sustainability. This project will be followed the principles of the U.S. “LEED” and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). We are committed to achieve level of “Gold” and highest rating possible LEED score. And our new expansion to this venture is to increase our current capacity while keeping the environment in mind thus incorporating the best eco friendly design to ensure overall sustainability


Area : TBD

Investment : 50 Million USD

Status : In-planning, completion 2022

beam Dying


Upcoming of PNKL will be located in Konabari, Gazipur and will be established 100% export oriented Ready Made Garment along with modern embellishment facilities.


Area : 250000 Sq. Ft

Investment : 50 Million USD

Status : In-planning, completion 2025



Our future project of PCSL will be located in Chandora, Kaliakoir.


Area : 01 Million Sq. Ft

Investment : 80 Million USD

Status : In-planning, completion 2030