We use AutoCAD & computerized monitoring system to ensure optimization of fabric usage and reduce

fabric wastage. Using CAM, Auto Spreader and Auto Cutter etc. helps us providing improved output.

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After settling on the best strategy to cut the fabric, a primary layout of the plan is obtained from the cutting

technical department which is later laid out on the textile output for the cutting to proceed, as mentioned with

the current technology and machineries that exist in this department we ensure efficient delivery of the cut panels cutting down on wastage .

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Once all the different parts from the cutting section is brought to the sewing floor, our well trained

operators sew all the parts together according to the design to make the final product. The QC (Quality Control)

 is also done in this stage of attachments of other accessories like elastics, zippers, buttons etc. are made.


Basic Product – 40,000/pc per day
Casual Product – 20,000/Pc per day
Polo/Jkt/Fashion Product – 10,000/Pc per day



The products are transferred to the ironing section after the products have been attached in the sewing stage.

In this section our employees iron the clothes with great care and perfection. After ironing the clothes, they

are transmitted to the packaging section.

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In the last step, finished clothes are folded, tagged, sized, and packaged according to customer specification.

We source our own packing sourced from environmentally friendly packaging as we pack our products in

protective plastic bags using both automated and manual system, to ensure that the material stays

clean, protected and pressed during shipping.